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Oil Slick Monitor Model ODL-1600

The Model ODL-1600 monitors a water surface for the presence of an oil film floating on the surface. The instrument projects a laser beam onto the water surface and measures the differences in the reflection properties between water and oil. This model is the most recent in a series of oil on water monitors. These have been field proven over decades and are used in a wide variety of installations worldwide. These instruments include the Models ODL-12, ODL-20 and OF-10

This model complements our existing range. If installation in hazardous areas is required, we recommend our ATEX certified version which is has full European compliance for installation in IEC Zone 1 hazardous areas.


  • Non-contact detection using a laser-beam.
  • Not limited to detection of just hydrocarbon oils. Optical system can detect other oils such a silicon based oils.
  • Easy installation on stanchion pole.
  • Wide installation distance of 0.3~3.0m (up to 5.0m in ideal conditions) above water surface with no effect on performance for water level variation within this range.
  • Controller/transmitter can be used with up to two detectors (optional dual channel feature).
  • Optical filter system eliminates affects of sunlight and water surface disturbance on detection performance.
  • Scanning laser beam provides enlarged detection area.
  • ATEX certified version available.

More Detailed Information

For more detailed information, please download our pdf datasheet.

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