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About Us - Our Facilities

Our main manufacturing facilities and offices are described below.



Located in central Tokyo. Houses our Senior Management team, Domestic and International Sales Operations, Administration and Accounting.

R & D Centre

Located next to our Sayama Technical Centre, this is where our Research and Development teams carry out their activities.

Sayama Technical Centre

Located in Saitama prefecture (next to Tokyo prefecture). Houses our laboratory and portable instrument manufacturing and assembly teams.

Tokyo Engineering Centre

Located in suburban Tokyo. Houses our design and engineering teams, on-line industrial instruments manufacture, final assembly and parts inventory.

DKK-TOA Yamagata

Our largest factory by area. Located in Yamagata Prefecture (north part of main island of Japan). Houses our discrete component manufacturing teams such as circuit board manufacture and glass electrode manufacture. As a subsidiary company of DKK-TOA, DKK-TOA Yamagata also manufacture and sell complete instruments.

European Representative

Located in the university city of Cambridge, United Kingdom. Handles DKK-TOA's business activities in Europe, Africa, West Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

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