DKK-TOA Europe

About Us - Introduction

For more than 50 years, DKK-TOA has been a global leader in analytical instrumentation and measurement technology. Instruments and systems made by the DKK-TOA set high quality and performance standards across a wide variety of fields.

We handle business for DKK-TOA Corporation mainly in Europe, Africa, West Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand.  If you are located outside of these areas, we recommend that you view DKK-TOA Corporation's main website.

Major Clients

DKK-TOA's class-leading products are in use around the world, providing analysis with reliable and accurate results. Valued clients include:-

  • Water treatment & sewage plants.
  • Oil companies (refineries).
  • Petrochemical companies.
  • Steel industry.
  • Food processing & pharmaceuticals.
  • Power generation industry.
  • Incineration plants.
  • Engineering contractors.

Manufacturing & Service Facilities

DKK-TOA Corporation has more than 500 employees working in various facilities. They can can also offer you full sales and service capabilities wherever you are through an extensive network of international distributors.

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